Authentication Token:  Blinke APIs utilize OAuth 2.0 as the authorization framework. (Read more)
SMS Notification

Send SMS:  Send new SMS to any mobile phone number through the Blinke API. (Read more)

Send USSD: Send USSD Push notification to any Indosat Ooredoo mobile phone number. Similar to SMS, USSD Push messages take the form of plain text and is sent to a recipient’s mobile handset. (Read more)
Carrier Billing

Request Code:  Initiate the carrier billing payment to send a charging token through SMS to the user's mobile phone number. The token generated via the request code method will automatically expire after 5 minutes. (Read more)
Charge:  After the application user Returns the Token, the user is required to input the Token to your application. Your application will then need to perform a Send Charge Request to Blinke along with the token. If the Token is valid, the user will be charged to his Indosat mobile phone number balance. Upon successful charging, user will Return a SMS to confirm the amount that has been deducted. (Read more)

Location:  Returns a list of valid locations available for LBA (Location Based Advertising). (Read more)
City:  Returns a list of valid cities available for LBA (Location Based Advertising). (Read More)
Create Campaign:  Creating a Campaign is the starting point when you are ready to optimize through Advertising using the LBA channel. This API allows the developer to start Creating a campaign.(Read more)
Campaign Result:  After you have successfully created a Campaign, this will allow you to Return results of your created campaign. (Read more)

Get User Balance:  Returns the Indosat Ooredoo mobile subscriber balance. (Read more)

Get Device List:  Returns a list of valid Device types. (Read more)
Get User Device:  Returns the Indosat Ooredoo subscriber Device details. (Read more)

Get User Location:  Returns the location of your Indosat Ooredoo subscribers. (Read more)
Get Location:  Returns geographic coordinates in the form of latitude and longitude angles. After receiving the subscriber's latitude and longitude position, the API helps to reverse geocoding to get your user's address.  (Read more)

Get Subscriber Type:  Returns information surrounding the supported types of Subscriber. (Read more)
User Subscriber Type:  Returns information of your Indosat Ooredoo User subscriber types. (Read more)
Data Quota

Get Products:  Returns a list of valid Indosat Ooredoo data package products. (Read more)
User Quota:  Returns available Quota for Indosat Ooredoo subscribers who has purchased data package. (Read more)